Taking Time to say "Thank You"

Co-op Tax & Accounting would like you to think of us as an extended part of your family. Without your years of loyalty and many referrals, it is difficult to envision whether Co-op Tax & Accounting would be the firm it is today. Your kind gestures are genuinely appreciated, and we encourage you to continue referring your friends, families, colleagues and business associates so we can provide them with the same professional services you have grown accustomed to receiving.

Our staff is well-trained in all areas of tax and accounting and are committed to assisting you throughout the year.

Co-op Tax & Accounting is dedicated to remaining competitive, offering only the best service we feel would most benefit you. Co-op Tax & Accounting is privileged to have such wonderful individuals as clients. We look forward to seeing familiar faces (and new ones) soon.

Many Thanks! Wishing You a Great year ahead.

Maddy's Best Friend Board

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Hi, my name is Maddy, and I am the office mascot here at Co-op Tax and Accounting.
Please send us photos of your Beloved Pets so we can add them to my friend board.

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