Our company is a small, friendly group of professionals; ready, willing, and able to take away your accounting and income tax headaches. Let us handle the burdonsome problem of all those numbers, where they go, and how we can make them benefit you.

We offer a variety of accounting services. Our efficient team can show you where more profit can be made and less spending put out. Thus giving you more dollars in your pocket. Here are some areas we can look at to get those results:

  • General accounting practices
  • Payroll
  • Sales tax
  • Small business consultations
  • Small business taxes
  • Financial statements
  • CPA profit and loss statements
  • General ledger flow sheets
  • Client billing
  • Software training
  • Tax preparation for individuals

Call today at (586) 573-7250, to make an appointment with one of our representatives, and start reaping the benefits.

To the extent the above contains an opinion on one or more federal tax issues, such opinion was not written to be used and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties. If you would like written opinion on one or more federal tax issues addressed above upon which you can rely for the purpose of avoiding penalties, then please contact Chris Perry at Co-op Tax & Accounting.